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Hi there! I am an engineer working at Owens Corning. I got my PhD at UIUC advised by Prof. Taher Saif researching biomechanics. My previous and current work involves designing mechanical devices to interact with some substances, imaging whatever's being manipulated, and then coming up with some computer vision algorithms to analyze the data. A showcase of my academic work can be found underneath the scientific research tab.


Throughout my career, I have delivered engineering solutions in both academic and industrial settings using standard and custom computer vision tools--producing breakthroughs in basic science research, as well as building tools from scratch that have projected multi-million benefits. I see my strength in knowledge of both hardware and software (how to put everything together), and designing things solving the root of the problem statement. Happy to chat more if you have a need in this space! Check out my qualifications (and in the future some non-proprietary projects) under the computer vision tab.

I am also an amateur singer-songwriter. Spoiler alert: I write most of my lyrics in Cantonese or Mandarin (I mean I just thought that I would have a better chance for fame if my songs resemble my appearance). Music is supposed to bridge language barriers though. So please check out some of my music under the music tab!

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